The Best Kind of Patch


Patches can be tricky beasts. In a nutshell, a patch is just like a regular voiceover session except that the people you're used to seeing on the other side of the glass -  the director, producers, clients, session engineer - are all sitting together in a studio thousands of miles away, talking to you through your headphones.  In your studio? - it's just you and the kindly local engineer who sets everything up and then hangs out to make sure nothing goes horribly awry while you're working.

While patches have become more and more of a regular occurrence in my working life, I still prefer to see the people I'm working with so I can gauge my progress and finesse the read (and the room) accordingly.  But sometimes I'm surprised.  Like today.  Today's session with the fellas in St. Louis for the nationwide chain of Ameristar Casinos was not only wildly productive, but fun. And funny.  No small feat.  Perhaps I've finally cracked the patch code.  Or perhaps the guys in St. Louis were just extra-chill and extra-engaging.  Regardless, it made me extra-happy.

I'll be sure to share the TV and radio spots here once they're airing...