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"Audiences that missed the earlier production (of Gruesome Playground Injuries), or those looking for an encore, should begin queuing up now, as the newly formed Loudmouth Collective has reunited the principal cast and crew (including leads Leigha Horton and Adam Whisner under the direction of Natalie Novacek) for a remount. Launching in such an attention-grabbing fashion underscores Loudmouth Collective's mission to develop a vibrant theater-going community with creatively daring works staged by some of the finest talents on the Twin Cities theater scene."
- City Pages, A-List - September 5, 2012


"Adam Whisner and Leigha Horton play out the angst and giddiness of a relationship that spans years of mishaps, estrangement, and periods of cathartic reconnection. Anyone who has experienced that particular brand of romantic intensity specific to hormonally crazed and emotionally tortured adolescents will recognize themselves in some of these scenes. The actors do great, visceral work, and create moments of aching, tremulous beauty and connection." 
- Twin Cities METRO - March 30, 2012


"Any comedy that starts with what just feels like the end of the world (a drunken morning after the party rude awakening) and ends up being about the actual end of the world, yet still leaves room for hope and survival without feeling contrived or overly sentimental, that's a mighty agile comedy. And they got some mighty agile comic performers to bring it to life." 
- Twin Cities Daily Planet - August 12, 2011


"...the DVD should not be missed because it is edifying and charming. In it, local actress Leigha Horton interviews Micka and her friends - canning experts, such as MN State Fair award-winning canners Paula Pentel and Callie Wilson make an appearance - as they shop for food and equipment and demonstrate, step-by-step, how to how to use them, cooking various recipes from the book in the Wedge's demo kitchen." 
- Heavy Table - October 1, 2010


"The script by Steve Moulds wastes no time in establishing a balance between quirky one-liners and heartfelt sentiment while the gifted young cast of Sid Solomon, Christine Weber, Shad Cooper, and Leigha Horton each realize the full potential of their roles." 
- - August 13, 2010


"See You Next Tuesday is still an easily recommendable show...even better, they get to hang out with Shad Cooper and Leigha Horton as Solomon's brother and sister-in-law. The perfectly-cast quartet have crackerjack comic timing, and they romp through the play's lighter scenes like bears jumping in puddles of honey." 
- Twin Cities Daily Planet - August 11, 2010


"...strong acting by a cast with palpable chemistry..." 
-Star Tribune - August 2010


"The talented cast is headed by Leigha Horton..." 
-Twin Cities Daily Planet - October 2009


"In the role of Ralphie's mother, Leigha Horton delights with such strong physical acting you'd swear she had cooked meatloaf and red cabbage her whole life." 
- Burnett County Sentinel - December 22, 2008


"Even the character who should not work at all, works because of the actress into whose hands it has been entrusted." 
- In My Humble Opinion - November 18, 2007


"Leigha Horton makes an auspicious Children's Theatre debut in a variety of roles." 
- Star Tribune - January 21, 2007


"Performers Leigha Horton and Nathan Surprenant provide just the right touch and some glistening moments." 
- St. Paul Pioneer Press - August 7, 2006


"The supporting cast is first rate, lead by Leigha Horton as Feste the fool, a wandering court jester....Horton is an agile and able guide through these thickets of comical words, managing to be both funny and wise in the process. Her voice and attitude lend great feeling and weight to Shakespeare's songs." 
- In My Humble Opinion - February 24, 2006


"...the Fringe's podcasts are a cut above, thanks in large part to their engaging host, actress Leigha Horton." 
- St. Paul Pioneer Press - August 4, 2005


"Horton expertly juggles the deference and cunning of her character." 
- City Pages - November 24, 2004


" woman glory..." 
- Montreal Mirror - June 17, 2004


"...Leigha Horton, an excellent comic actor most known for her work with The Ministry of Cultural Warfare." 
- City Pages - May 26, 2004


"...bright, talented..." 
- St. Paul Pioneer Press - August 2, 2003


"The Unbearable Lightness of Being American, featuring Leigha Horton onstage and on video, is another caustic and often riotous offering from The Ministry of Cultural Warfare."
- City Pages - February 19, 2003


"Leigha Horton, for the second year in a row, gave the year's most hilarious performance."
- Lavender - December 27, 2002


"Horton, in particular, is a solid comic performer." 
- City Pages - April 11, 2001