Hi there.  I'm Leigha Horton.

I used to dance to Glenn Miller albums on lakeside docks when I was three.

In kindergarten I was the narrator of our class production of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. And the tree was happy.

When I was seven, I had a two-tone brown Fisher-Price cassette recorder on which I recorded improvised, multi-character, oft-catastrophic radio plays over the top of a super-boring Rip Van Winkle tape.

And now I'm a voiceover, screen, and stage actor based in Los Angeles and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I've received some fancy awards from fancy institutions and some positive press along the way. And I have to admit that's pretty cool. But what's really cool is making my living as a performing artist. And what's really, really cool is working and playing alongside insanely talented artists and technicians who are also doing what they love. Because they, like me, just have to. And hell if we don't have fun doing it.

I'm wildly grateful for every moment I spend doing what I have loved, love, and will likely continue loving for the rest of my days. That there is a lot of love. And a lot of gratitude.

And you - yeah, you - I'm happy you're here. Feel free to poke around a bit.  Explore.  Listen.  Watch.  Drop me a line if you've a question or just want to say hello.  I'd like that.

Catch you on the flip side.