The Sixth, and Final, Day of Unemployment

Update on the PouchWell, just when I think I know who I am, I find out I’m someone different. I got word last week that I will not, in fact, be playing the role of Lacey Rubbertree in CTC's Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl. Turns out there was some confusion on their end during the initial offer and contracting, and instead I will be playing the roles of Ina Shaw, Woman #2, and chorus/ensemble. I went back and immediately re-read the crazy-old draft of the script I have (used for callbacks) to better understand the implications, and while I mourn the loss of a really cool character name, I am thrilled with the change - it appears to be a bit of a promotion, actually. That is, if the crazy-old draft and the crazy-new draft are still somewhat similar. Only tomorrow will tell – yes, tomorrow as in my first day of rehearsal tomorrow – that tomorrow. (and on the seventh day, she shall be reemployed - huzzah!)

Update on the Petra I hereby offer a new and improved and Easier-Reference List of Chasing Windmills episodes that I’m in thus far. With the links and everything - I'm such a giver.

overture – 9/18/06 (just a brief appearance) relapse – 10/23/06 altar – 10/24/06 shopping – 11/10/06 telephonies – 11/14/06 (just a brief appearance via flashback) safe sex – 11/28/06 fuel – 12/6/06 cell – 12/7/06 damage control – 12/11/06

Now, go make some popcorn and receive.