Gettin’ My Man Groove On

A little eyeliner in non-traditional places goes a long way toward making me look like Guido from junior year of high school. Desperate to make positive steps toward finding a believable Feste, I drew on a mustache/goatee combination and hung out in front of the full-length mirror for a while last week. I discovered that the combination of facial hair, the right clothing, pulled back/parted hair, raised shoulders, and Rat Packian moves make me seem, oddly enough, less ridiculous than I seem at rehearsals. So I’m studying me some men; men movements, men speech patterns, men gestures. If men are doing it, I am studying it. Right now, I’ve got the Sammy Davis, Jr. Show on the tube and what I notice most is no arm movement above the elbows – his upper arms are totally plastered to his torso. Unless he’s dancing.

Dudes – being a man is HARD – and all of you XYers reading this have had your entire lives to learn how to not look like schmucks. I’ve only got a few weeks left… any essential tips? And don’t pull a fast one on me – I don’t want to learn how to “walk like a man” by watching Willis teach Arnold in an episode of Diff’rent Strokes, because we all remember how THAT turned out.