Got Ukulele, Will Travel

DUDES. There is a ukulele in my living room and tomorrow it will be joined by an autoharp. My place is being overtaken by the Ridiculous Instrument Brigade. Here’s the scoop: I’m in the middle of rehearsals for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night over at Theatre in the Round. It’s set in 1960s Cape Cod, and seeing as my character, Feste, is a complete anachronism of the era (since when have we kept paid comedians about the house?), my director has created an alternative. An alternative that is going to be, by far, one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done onstage.

I, as Feste, will be playing him/her as a Drag King a la one Mr. Murray Hill. I've never played a woman playing a 60s era male hepcat comedian before. Oh, and did I mention that through the singing parts I will be accompanying myself on the ukulele and autoharp, both of which I don’t yet know how to play? And we open in a little over a month. So, um, I’m a little nervous. I’M COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT.

Totally waiting for the admission of hidden cameras and everyone to come out laughing, but it’s just not happening…