Dear BBC World News, it's Me, Leigha

The creation of Radio Hong Kong: Episode I is fully underway and will be live on IATP's Radio Hong Kong subsite tomorrow. Last night’s recording session with Foster at IATP was brilliant – the script was tight, the one re-write was totally painless, and the words flowed like words do when they get all flowy. I, given the last sentence, was obviously not the writer. Today at 4:45 pm, I received this e-mail:

Could you come back in tonight? There's a FUCKING HISS all over everything.

Feh. FEH!


There was a stupid faulty cable that had to be positioned just so to provide hiss-free sound. The hiss was so bad that they couldn’t even minimize it to a point of usefulness in post. One would think that we would have heard this during playback, but one would be wrong.

Back I went to re-recordingville. Tonight did not rock nearly as hard as Tuesday, but it was acceptable. I kept yawning which made Foster keep yawning which made the recording session go a bit longer than planned because it kept making us laugh and whine about how tired we were; but all in all, we did good. I got a giddy call from Foster a few hours later saying that the edited piece is sounding exactly like something one would hear on NPR. Not that we want to rip off their style or anything – the point is that it sounds awesome.

I think it’s time to get a voice-demo out to the agencies. Reppe said he’d toss one together for me for free (since he has all the unedited Fringe Podcast recordings on his computer) – I shall call him. Yes, yes, I shall call him, and we shall make money. Money would be nice.