Josh Friedman is my Hero

A month or two ago, I was introduced to (thanks to a special web monkey). I’ve never been one for generalized web surfing because as soon as a blank Google page is in front of me, I end up deer-headlighty…I just sit there, unmoving, eyes glazed, synapses in a state of incomprehensible hyper-drive. takes all the pressure off because it provides a kajillion starting points. Recently, due to a link on Kottke’s site, I was led to the blog of Josh Friedman, a snarky, honest, painfully funny screenwriter in California, just outside of LA proper. He’s credited with writing early drafts of War of the Worlds (latest Spielberg version), as well as writing Chain Reaction and The Black Dahlia (2006 release with Minneapolis local "it boy" Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson) – I haven’t seen any of these, but no matter. Since Friedman's blog is a brother/screenwriter version in spirit to my actor blog, and he’s a far superior writer, I wanted to share. Even though he thinks all actors are crazy. And even though he’s mainly right.

Go forth and laugh, dearests. There is a Variety article, some shellack, and an ex-girlfriend/actress waiting for you.