J.R. Watkins - "Body Scrub" & "Hand Cream"

Commercial shoot, Day One:
Arrive at beautiful home just off of Loring Park on the edge of downtown Minneapolis; catch a glimpse of the stunningly illustrated storyboards;  spend the rest of the day on set in pajamas, in and out of a bed.  

Commercial shoot, Day Two: 
Arrive at warehouse in the Uptown/Lyndale/Lake area to pick up a few shots for an early episode.  Get a tour of the basement which is being converted to a speakeasy with all the old trappings one would expect in a speakeasy - false walls, secret doors, hidden rooms).  Then travel to a second beautiful home in South Minneapolis; spend rest of the day in winter clothes only made comfortable by the modern miracle of air-conditioning set to a very low temperature (ahhhhh, summer); feed tiny bits of beef jerky to a very, very happy dog.

This shoot was, hands-down, one of the most delightful film sets I've ever worked on.  Since the shoot was M.O.S. ("Motor-only sync/shot" - meaning no sound was being recorded) the set was lively and fun and the directors and production team actually applauded after great takes.  Such a supportive, engaging, entertaining environment.  It was, truly, an honor to be a part of this team.  I can't wait to see what the final spots look like!  They'll be running on Instagram around Halloween, and I'll be sure to post links then.