5 Reasons Donating to THEATER PEOPLE will Melt Your Face Off (in the Good Way)

Remember Theater People - the 10-episode comedy web series I was in last year as Patti Page? Poor, poor Patti Page:


Well, Theater People is making a second season, which I couldn't be more excited about, but they urgently need your help to fund it within the next six days, or it's not gonna happen.  And so I offer you the following:

5 Reasons Donating to Theater People will Melt Your Face Off 
(in the Good Way)

1. I'll record your voicemail for you in the very same voice I used for Alastair Crowley's Estate Secretary (Theater People Season 1, Episode 4).  Nothing better than surprising your callers with the quintessentially British polite disdain they likely deserve.

2. We know you secretly paid to see The Other Woman in the theaters this summer (how else is it possible that movie made $200M at the box office?!).  And for what?  $18 and a twinge of remorse?  Plus an additional, let's say, $10 for concessions?  So, $28 for a comedy that cost $40 Million to make, and which was an outright assault on your good sense and taste.  See the problem here?  Why not offset that terrible $28 decision by supporting not only brilliant writing that respects your intelligence but also great acting that you can watch in your pajamas whenever you dang-well-please, with a bonus of as much real butter on your popcorn as you have in your fridge?  A measly $28 to create good art at a project budget of $15k is a steal.  A STEAL. 

3. You'll be directly responsible for giving a great many wildly talented stage actors from Minneapolis/St. Paul stages the opportunity to further develop their on-camera repertoires.  It's been said that stage actors can't do film and vice-versa, but in my experience, it's not only entirely possible but also hugely advisable given a director who knows how to work with actors. Matthew G. Anderson, director ofTheater People, is so hugely adept at evoking solid performances from his actors that it's a joy to watch.  And you deserve to witness the awesome results.

4. It's good for the local economy.  By donating to this campaign, you're putting money directly into the hands of writers, directors, production managers, production assistants, filmmakers, directors of photography, sound designers, web developers, small businesses for locations, and performers.  What's not to love about that? 

5. More me?  It's very possible you'll see the return of Patti Page in Season Two.  If you like me, this will be fun for you.  If you don't like me, this is more opportunity to put your Judgey McJudgington pants on and par-TAY, which...also sounds like it could be fun for you.


Let's do this thing, shall we?  THERE ARE ONLY SIX DAYS LEFT.  SIX!  And Theater People is very, VERY close to hitting their $15k goal.  But if they don't make it in time, they get nothing.  Zip, zero, zilch, nada.  Those thousands of dollars already pledged?  Gone.  *Poof*  So go.  Go now.  Give 'em what you've got.  And then tell me you did so I can prepare my voicemail recording muscles:  www.theaterpeoplewebseries.com/kickstarter