“Working With ______”

I’ve had the joy of sharing a table with the amazingly talented and equally delightful Sally Wingert for new script development and readings at The Playwrights’ Center, but it was an absolute joy to discover her voice on these Crystal Farms/Simply Potatoes spots for which I voiced the announcer. She’s the woman who cries, “Cheat! Cheat!” in the “Bake Off” spot. I come in at the :23 mark on both spots to wrap everything up. That’s a curious thing about voice work – as an actor, it’s so different from stage and screen work wherein the process is collaborative and your casts can end up like temporary families. In the recording studio actors are often like ships in the night, never seeing one another. I have “worked with” Laurence Fishburne and Ty Pennington, but have I ever met or spoken with either of them? Nope.

Funny, that.


And a big shout-out to Babble-On Recording Studios for the great, multi-layered sounds on these spots. Love them.