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In early April I was contacted by the ever-delightful Jay Gabler about a little article he had successfully pitched to his editor at – a weekly arts and culture rag published by the Star Tribune. He was looking to feature my work as a voice-over artist and part-time pirate at the Science Museum of Minnesota in's weekly Work: column. We chatted casually on the phone shortly thereafter, followed by a lovely photo shoot at Babble-On Recording Studios with photographer Bre McGee. The following, published May 24, 2012, is the final result.


Star Tribune's weekly arts and culture rag, - 5.24.2012

Read the full article here.  Or, if the article has gone missing, as online articles are wont to do, check out the PDF here:  

I will admit that it’s somewhat surreal to be mentioned in print sans critique on the quality of my work as an artist. I’ve become so accustomed to being reviewed that this makes me feel rather adrift. Flattered, certainly; yet adrift. Even so, thanks, Jay. It's pretty killer that you found my work interesting enough to give it ink. So far, this is the most fun making a living that I've ever had.