A Day in The Life

If it looks like I was rehearsing Gruesome Playground Injuries last evening without pants - yes, pantsless -  it's because it was indeed a real possibility.  Last night remained fully clothed, but tonight - tonight is a different story.  As is tomorrow night.  And all rehearsal nights hereafter.

If I recall correctly, the least-clothed I've ever been on stage was in a slip.  So now, publicly dropping trou?  Practically begging the audience to examine my upper thighs under the glare of thousands of lumens?  This...this....hooooo boy...this is going to be painful.  But it's supposed to be, and therefore so profoundly worth it.

We've only just begun rehearsals, and it already feels like the most important stagework I've ever done so far. And to stumble and search and love and thrill and ache alongside the most talented Adam Whisner is a gift.


I love how this image is the perfect illustration of the breadth of work I engage in to make my living as an actor:
Pinocchio Audition Tomorrow - called in to the Children's Theatre Company to audition for a part that I knew would be absolute gold in the hands of the incredible Elise Langer.  It was, therefore, an immense joy to run in to her at the audition.  I did not receive a callback, and for that, I am convinced that all is still right with the world. Fingers and toes crossed for Elise.
Home and Garden Show - the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, for which I did all the radio and TV voice-overs along with Ty Pennington (four years running!) was finally here.  I had every intention of attending, aaaaaaand ultimately missed it.  Which is exponentially more stupid this year because I finally have a house.
11a-4p  - SMM (Science Live 5) - my part-time performing gig presenting live science demos at the Science Museum of Minnesota (no pirating for me on Sundays).
7-10p - GPI rehearsal - the aforementioned Gruesome Playground Injuries rehearsal.  It feels good to be working on a proper show again.  I've whittled way back on my stage work - so it's a delight to be back in the rehearsal room.  Most especially with my cast-mate, director, and stage manager.  Good times, good times.