Car Sounds

A few weeks ago I voiced a cab-stealing, tiny-dog-carrying Manhattanite for Yoplait Yogurt, thereby effectively extending my car-themed run of VO work (did you miss the Cadillac commercial with Laurence Fishburne where I’m the voice of his talking GPS?  Good GOD, go listen!  It’s ridiculous!  And wonderful!  But mostly ridiculous!) Getting cast for this spot provided a funny realization - there were two spots – one for California, one for New York – and I was cast as the New Yorker.  Funny?  Funny how?  Funny because I was raised in San Diego.  California.  It ultimately made perfect sense as the client was looking for two different voices, and the Californian was the mother of teenagers (doubtful I could pull that off convincingly).  But funny the dichotomy of self-perception v. the perception of others.  Gotta say, I kinda love being considered a believable New Yorker.  It reminds me of the last time I was there, and constantly being asked for directions, even by local kids.  I was in it.  SO in it.

All in all, the session was a delight.  Spending the morning with the boys from Shout Radio Productions/Shout Creative ranks high on my list of good ways to wake up.  And by "boys," I mean "incredibly talented and accomplished adult men who are also super fun to work with."  Love those guys.  Love, love, love.

Now – some audio that’s good for your bones:

And yes, I know there’s 10 seconds of general silence at the end with just traffic noises in the background – that’s left open for local tags (“Yoplait is on sale now at your local [insert grocery store name here]”), and I presently have neither the patience nor the…well, just patience really…to edit that ten seconds out.  Too busy carrying my tiny dog around.