I’ve been in rehearsals all week workshopping a script for the Playwrights’ Center’s PlayLabs series, and tonight is our first (of two) public staged readings of Slasher, by Allison Moore.  The script is a hilarious take on the making of a low-budget horror flick (fortunately, my ACTUAL experience making a low-budget horror flick was far less bloody and psycho-mother-ridden, but that doesn't give me much to draw from, now, does it?). I’m playing seven roles, which amount to a Christian fundamentalist with an agenda, four scantily clad girls/meat who are scripted to meet horrific ends, a news reporter, and a car hop.   No one else is doubled up, much less septupled up, so this is great fun despite its schizophrenia.  I have to admit, though, when it comes to wooing prospective directors, I’m not sure if the multiplicity fits very well in the plus column.  It’s the old “many roles shallow” or “one role deep” conundrum.  Alas.

Regardless of my personal neuroses, if you’re up for 90 minutes of great writing and some excellent performances to boot, come take a look-see:

The Playwrights’ Center’s PlayLabs: Slasher 2301 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Tickets: 612/332-7481 x16 Thursday, July 17 – 5 pm Saturday, July 19 – 8 pm $10

Written by Allison Moore, directed by Josh Hecht, dramaturgy by Liz Engleman. Cast: Annelise Christ, Angie Haigh, Peter Hansen, Leigha Horton, Ashley Montondo, Sherwin Reurrecion.