In Your Radio 2.0

Just when you thought I was getting a little too quiet…again…


Cellular South – “I Want” Recorded and Produced by Babble-On Market: Mississippi, Southwest Tennessee, Coastal Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle to Destin – so, basically, the old confederacy – or the Dixie Cup of Shame, if you will. Line: “I want to find my friends online.”


Landscape Structures, Inc. – “Global ReLeaf Video” Recorded and Produced by Babble-On Market: Industrial and Internet – so, uh, I guess the market is worldwide. Line: All of them. I Am Narrator. Rawr!


I had me a blast over at Babble-On for these two gigs (one Wednesday right after the other – score!). Although my allergies were getting the best of me for the Cell South read, so I’m not thrilled with my contribution to that one; pollen is my kryptonite. Damn you, pollen! Dammmmnnnnnn youuuuuuu!

In summary: Spend more time in the studio? Check. Foster diabolical plan for world airwave domination? Checkity-check. Make more friends and contacts while doing so? CHECK, baby. CHECK.