Everywhere Signs Fall

In passing, the director at an audition last weekend said to me, “I saw your show the other night – it was fantastic!” I was bewildered – and frantically paged through my mental catalog of recent performances. Because I’m in the process of moving, I had specifically turned down shows so that I would be uninhibited during these few weeks. It never occurred to me that he could be mistaking me for someone else; I was convinced he saw me in something that I’ve since forgotten. I managed an audible, yet perplexed, “my show?”

Turns out he was referring to Everywhere Signs Fall, in which I appear for a brief monologue on video. Frankly, the top floor of mission control is so fried right now, I had forgotten I was “in” it. I’ll be seeing it Saturday night, perhaps that’ll make it on to me olde hard drive.

Anyway, I’m thrilled that the audition-director liked it, and I’ve read great reviews. I’m not surprised, though - it’s got some stage goliaths, directed by my favorite director-friend (who happens to share my name), and written by a playwright whose work I deeply admire. I’m also thrilled to announce that they’re offering two-for-one tickets to tonight’s performance – so, go see!:


Everywhere Signs Fall

Photo by Travis Anderson

A thrilling psychological rollercoaster ride through mystery, tragedy and romance in a steamy motel room in hot, seedy Phoenix, Arizona

Graydon Royce of the Star Tribune calls it "a fearless endeavor" and "taut and aggressively acted" full of "gripping performances" and "cracking dialogue." "An ambitiously smart play!"

Quinton Skinner of City Pages agrees. Through it all is "a genuine beating heart, and a labyrinthine story that unties its knots by the end with a satisfying, deadly conclusion."

Now playing through May 11 Thursday-Saturday at 7:30 p.m. / Sundays at 4:30 p.m. Pay what you can Monday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets $18 $15 seniors and Fringe button holders Under 30? Pay half your age any night!

For tickets, call (651) 228-7008

Loading Dock Theatre 509 Sibley St., Saint Paul

Presented by Gremlin Theatre Starring Paul Cram, Tracey Maloney* and John Middleton Written by Alan Berks Directed by Leah Cooper Technical direction and design by Carl Schoenborn Sound design by Mike Hallenbeck Video by Kevin Obsatz Costumes by Annie Cady Props and construction by Carn Schoenborn and Pete Hansen Fight Choreography by Mary Karcz Stage Management by Rose Johnson Sound board operated by Katie Burger Cameo video appearances by Muriel Bonertz, Leigha Horton, Jon Mikkelson, Dana Munson, Rik Reppe, and Eric Sharp

*Tracey Maloney appears courtesy Actors' Equity Association