Another Win for the Russian

Well, heck – if this isn’t a nice way to end 2007, I don’t know what is:


St. Paul Pioneer Press The trick was trying to see all the Twin Cities theater magic in 2007 by Dominic Papatola

#4 (out of 10) "Anton in Show Business," staged by Starting Gate Productions The script is a sharp-eyed and wickedly funny look at a fictitious regional theater's production of "The Three Sisters," and by extension and sly parallel, the weird and wacky backstage of American theater. If you go only to big theaters in the area to see plays, then you probably wouldn't recognize anyone in director Leah Cooper's cast. But if there's any justice in the world, both the director and the seven performers in this all-female cast should be remembered for future gigs for their solid ensemble work.




Lavender Magazine Year in Review 2007 by John Townsend

Genderbending in Twin Cities theater had a field day in 2007. An all-male cast of Richard III by 10,000 Things and an all-female cast of Anton in Show Business at Starting Gate were exceptional.

Best Productions: #6 - Anton in Show Business, Starting Gate Productions

Best Supporting Actress: Mo Perry, Anton in Show Business, Starting Gate Productions


A thousand thanks to Dominic and John for the recognition; yet another “yay, team!” to my dear Anton in Show Business cast and crew; and a special congrats to the Mo-mobile – girl, you are unstoppable! Choo-choo!