Understanding "Exhaustion"

So tired. Mentally. Physically. Drained.

We had a tech rehearsal tonight for our show that opens Thursday (I’ll post official info about the show tomorrow when I’m cognizant of things other than my pillow), and it generally went well – we consistently cracked up our technicians, which is a very, very good sign. It’s also good because it eases the cost of a good bribe. Theater Rule #1 – know what the technicians like to drink.

In related, albeit guilt-ridden, news: I have a million e-mail and voice-mail messages that I’ve neglected to return, seven different blog posts about latest inspirations and funny stories that need to be written, and an all-around return to communication with the outside world that’s waiting to be picked up from the wayside.

Friday. Expect communicationy stuff on Friday. Or maybe Mondayish. Until then, I'm a couple of cards shy of a full deck. And we all know that decks with missing cards suck. Yeah... bed. now.