When the Scripts Were Just Little Babies, and Other Flights of Fancy

Within the last five days, I have been asked by two separate writers to give readings of their new scripts – one’s a stage play and the other a screenplay. Very, very cool. The Book of Shin, a screenplay by Michael Maupin, is an adaptation of Godless by Pete Hautman (winner of the 2004 National Book Award for Young Adult Fiction). The reading will take place in early May and will be open to the public – as soon as I get final details, I’ll post them. The story sounds fantastic, and I hope, HOPE this movie gets made with lots and lots of money behind it. And talent. and me. Hhhokay, moving on…

I was just notified of Justin Maxwell’s stage play this morning, and know nothing about it except that I was requested by name and that it will be held at The Playwrights' Center. Justin and I e-mailed a couple of years back when he was interested in working with the Ministry of Cultural Warfare on a conceptual/interactive/web/theater project that I couldn’t quite grasp (see, I still can’t), and then met in person when I did a reading at The Playwrights' Center that he moderated last year. After all this time, I’m honored that he remembered me; I’m really curious to hear what he’s cooked up.

And finally, and nothing to do with new scripts, I am starting formal singing lessons this week. I’ve been getting more and more musical roles on stage (and this last one seriously rocked the freaking casbah) but I need training; and from that, confidence; if I am to continue to grow as a performer. If there’s one thing I learned in this life, it’s that I’m never done learning – so lessons it is.

I think half the battle with singing onstage as Feste was just believing in myself. Especially after years of people indirectly telling me that I couldn’t do it. Now I’ve raised some eyebrows and have proven to myself that I belong in a damn fine house; I just need to learn how to build it so that the roof doesn’t fall in on me. My goal with these lessons is to end up with some engaging, appropriate, polished audition pieces for my repertoire – and then knock ‘em dead at auditions. Mint, please.

More updates, with links, to come. Until then, we can dream, can’t we?