Extreme tag, of course.

An acquaintance of mine just forwarded along the following call from a local casting director:

Casting a NON-UNION spot for ECCO sandals. One year national and international buyout, pay is $1,500.00 + 20%. They'll book 2 women, 2 men. We need super athletic, in shape groovy lookin' guys and gals in their 20s to 30s who can play extreme tag.

Sounds easy? Hah. THE CHALLANGE IS THE SHOE SIZES. WOMEN: 6, 6.5 US, 37 EURO MEN: 8, 8.5 US, 41 EURO These are the ONLY sizes of the sandals that exist.

Cast: Fri 6/17 Callback: Tue 6/21 Shoot: Thur 6/23 (Weather Day; Fri 6/24)

This thing requires a whole new take on the old If the Shoe Fits adage. The sad part is that the literal shoe fits, but the figurative shoe doesn’t. It cracks me up that “THE CHALLENGE” is the shoe size – apparently they think super athletic groovy lookin’ guys and gals who can play extreme tag are a dime a dozen in Minnesota, it’s just those wackjobs with the smaller feet that are slim-pickins. And I would love some enlightenment on the whole “extreme tag” thing. What is that, and does it involve helicopters?

Why this went out to actors is beyond me. Models I could understand, but actors? Note to casting directors: THIS IS MINNESOTA. Minnesotans are known for two things: their support of the arts and their nasty drinking habits. Support of the arts and/or being an artist automatically disqualifies one from the possibility of being “super athletic” – they’re mutually exclusive.