William Morris Endeavor

In early June I spent a week in Los Angeles, meeting with friends and friends-of-friends in the business and picking their brains about their experiences in L.A. thus far.  I also had hopes of meeting with agencies and ultimately getting west coast representation lined up for when I take the next leap in my voiceover career. Which, anyone who has tried to get noticed by a Los Angeles agent long enough to get considered for a meeting can tell you, is no small feat.  Basically, if you’re able to cross the crocodile-piranha-infested moat, slay the 13-headed dragon, and solve the riddle of the sphinx (not the one to which the answer is “man” – a new riddle), then you’re golden.  If not, you’re, to put it delicately, SOL.

But I just happened to luck out with a whole host of people who were wildly generous with their willingness to cross moats, slay dragons, and solve riddles on my behalf.  And so I found myself having three meetings with three agencies, and walking away with representation offers from all three.  And a very difficult, yet exhilarating, choice ahead of me.  And for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

And so, without further ado:

I now proudly find myself represented for voiceover in Los Angeles by William Morris Endeavor.  You can see and listen to my demos in the Commercial-Women and Narration-Women sections (and let's be honest - I would be lying if I didn’t admit that seeing my name fall smack-dab between Tina Fey and Linda Hunt made me squeal and run circles around the room).

I am also delighted and proud to retain The Wehmann Agency for voiceover work in Minneapolis.  Immense thanks to Shirley Venard, Michael Laskin, Sue Scott, Mark and Jill Benninghofen, Rachel Walens, and Matthew G. Anderson for their kindness and their counsel.  I am forever indebted.