The Home Studio

After a few weeks of finessing and finagling, the new home studio is officially up and running.   I still swing into the agency nearly daily for auditions, but from time to time the occasional audition from home is necessary, and I'm greatly enjoying the process now that I don't have to build a pillow fort each time.  Don't get me wrong, I've booked some sweet gigs off auditions recorded while wedged into the corner of the sofa, tucked under a thick wool blanket, but this - to just walk right in, sit down comfortably, and walk right out without mussing my hair in the process - is pretty swanky.   

The home studio also enables me to add audiobook narration to my existing voiceover endeavors - as this particular genre of the field tends to rely heavily upon actors working from home.  Proper audiobook demos are forthcoming, but in the interim, one can hear samples at ACX