A Little Love for the Pacific Northwest

For the past several months I’ve been working with some of the coolest people on the planet over at Campbell Mithun (that’s right, Mim, I’m talking about you) voicing tags for KeyBank spots – tv ads and just audio, I believe, to run on Pandora – and, of course, having a blast. I also learned something really cool about marketing on Pandora – they can target which ads they play based on your location, almost down to the block on which you live, so that it’s ultra-relevant. I’ve found myself listening to Pandora in the past, hearing an ad come on, and thinking, wow – my neighborhood ACME Anvil company had the money for an ad on Pandora? Nah, turns out they can just be super-specific, and probably, in turn, find it more affordable.

Anyway, KeyBank has locations in 14 states, and I’ve taken the most quiet joy reading the tags for Portland, Seattle, and a couple of places in Colorado, just because I’ve got family and dear friends in those places. Here’s hoping that even if they didn't recognize my voice, they maybe felt just a little closer in that moment.