The National

A couple weeks ago I voiced my first, truly national television commercial.  As opposed to what – an only-partially national television commercial?  Yeah, yeah, I’m kind of arguing semantics here: I’m making a distinction between a single spot that will play all over the U.S. (as this one is) as opposed to a slew of commercials that will play in specific markets all over the U.S. (as the Marketplace Events Home Shows spots with Ty Pennington are). So, behold – my first national television commercial.  For Land O’ Lakes butter:

I was surprised to learn from a few friends that it’s already airing – at least in Minneapolis and northern California, anyway.

You ever have one of those career-defining moments where you think, wow – I’m really doing this – this is, somehow, actually real - I’m making a living doing what I love?  Standing in the editing suite, post-recording, watching my VO dropped over the final picture and music for this spot was that moment for me. There are no words to adequately express the feelings of joy and satisfaction and peace and comfort and gratitude and place that accompany a moment like that. And so I'll just sit back and let it be.