Minnesota Middle Finger

My love for the Minnesota Fringe Festival runs deep. Unnaturally, gloriously deep. I’ve performed in every festival, save two, since 2000, and have written about it here since 2005 (save for a little, intended gap in 2009 coverage): 2000 – The Last Cherry Pit, Ministry of Cultural Warfare (MoCW) 2001 – Into the Acid Fountain (The Federico Fellini Variety Hour), MoCW 2002 – Slaughter House Warming, MoCW 2003 – Industrials, MoCW 2004 – In Defense of Sin (My Friends’ Best Stories), MoCW 2005 – served as The Voice of the Fringe for the official Fringe Festival podcasts (this also happens to be what launched my professional voice-over career, so I think this means I owe the Fringe my firstborn or something.  I can't remember.  I'll have to go back and check the paperwork). 2006 – The Unbearable Lightness of Being American, MoCW 2007 – The Tyranny of God’s Love, MoCW (appeared onstage via video, as was touring another show at the time) 2008 – blogged my brains out in exchange for a Fringe Press Pass 2009 – (just watched, and didn’t want to talk about it) 2010 – See You Next Tuesday, Walking Shadow Theatre Company

It is now a joy and a pleasure to add 2011 to the list:

2011 – Minnesota Middle Finger, Ben San Del

Tim Hellendrung, John Middleton, and I opened Ben San Del's Minnesota Middle Finger last night to a sold-out house, robust laughter, and excellent reviews. It's been such an honor to work with these delightful guys, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the run plays out. Do come!

Sat., Aug. 6, 8:30 pm Sun., Aug. 7, 5:30 pm Thur., Aug. 11, 10 pm Fri., Aug. 12, 4 pm Sat., Aug. 13, 7:30 pm