Backstage on SAGIndie

Just found this little gem of an article about SAGIndie’s involvement at Sundance this year, and what SAGIndie does in general:

"Our function is strictly to educate independent filmmakers on how to hire professional talent for independent film and to explain to them how it can be done economically."

I've reviewed the SAGIndie contracts recently and they are, quite frankly, fantastic.  And it's reassuring to learn that SAGIndie is willing to go further than just plunking down a contract on a table.

Why don’t I read Backstage on a regular basis?  Seriously – it’s kind of ridiculous all the things that I ought to do as a professional performer, yet don’t.  Being a new member of the Screen Actors’ Guild has brought on a spate of useful and surprising information.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I was a little stupidly giddy about it.