Such a Thing as an Aural Peek?

Oh how I love me some public library.  I just ordered a slew of audio books recommended by friends, as I have somehow been on this earth without ever having listened to one that didn’t also provide chimes that alert me when I need to turn the page.  Side note - through the magic of scotch-taped tabs, the Rip Van Winkle audio-tape was the first sacrificial lamb to my homemade strawberry-shortcake-bedroom-slash-recording-studio - “take THAT, boring old white guy!”  I was five.  Cut me some slack. Anyway, I figure if I’m interested in delving into the world of long-form audio narrative, which I am, I had better do some research on what works and what doesn’t. Take an aural peek, if you will.  So a few months back I put out a request in hopes of discovering what single-narrator audio books most delighted my friends, based on the narrator’s read, not necessarily on the quality of the book in question.  And the results were many:

  • Jim Dale’s readings of the Harry Potter series (this came highly recommended by many)
  • Just about anything written and read by David Sedaris or John Hodgman
  • Sarah Vowell’s Assassination Vacation
  • Lisette Lecat’s reading of The Double Comfort Safari Club
  • Tony Horwitz’ reading of his own novel, A Voyage Long and Strange
  • Patrick Tull’s readings of the Aubrey/Machurin series
  • Ralph Fiennes’ reading of Oscar and Lucinda
  • David Tennant’s readings of the Dr. Who series

First off, I’ve gotta admit I am shocked (shocked, I tell you!) by how many of my friends listen to audio books.  Second, I was thrilled by the great response and look forward to taking a listen.  Third, I am always looking for more inspiration - so if you have any favorites, please share them in the comments here or privately via my contact form.

And fourthly, ahhhh, the unfortunate fourthly: I can’t believe I call myself a voice-over artist and haven’t listened to an audiobook since I was a little dude.  It’s embarrassing.  That’s like saying I’m a doctor, but have never looked inside somebody’s ear - except for when I used to practice on my teddy bears.  Guh.

Hello, Chosen Profession, meet Responsibility.  Being a grown-up is hard.