January Noise

Startin’ off the year in fine vocal form - ten more voice-over spots for radio, six more for TV.  All in all, that makes for a grand total of 34 voiceover spots recorded in December and January alone.  Whee! Wait - just wait - before you start making plans to roll me on my way to the gym tomorrow - know that this is merely preventing a personal economageddon (to make up for the slim 15 hours per week I’ll be performing at the museum until the start of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition mid-March).  Therefore, there will not be any extra cash on my person.  And we’ll have to cancel the order for Cristal.

We cool now?  Good.  Until it’s lottery-induced party time, sooth thyself with these here dulcet tones:

[audio: http://www.leighahorton.com/docs/audio/ParentAwareRatings30.mp3] ParentAwareRatings.org :30 ParentAwareRatings.org Recorded at Babble-On

[audio: http://www.leighahorton.com/docs/audio/ParentAwareRatings60.mp3] ParentAwareRatings.org :60 ParentAwareRatings.org Recorded at Babble-On

[audio: http://www.leighahorton.com/docs/audio/StKatesradioInterviewJan2010.mp3] St. Catherine University: Interview :60 (Jane) St. Catherine University Recorded at Babble-On

(audio coming soon) Home Shows: Washington, D.C.; Buffalo, NY; Orlando, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN Marketplace Events Recorded at Audio Ruckus

And, as always, remember you can listen to the whole shebang (most stuff I’ve done over the past couple of years) via VoiceZam.