Wellstone Wonderbits

Wellstone Wonderbit #1:A certain State Representative, who shall remain unnamed *cough, cough, District 60B, cough, look it up, cough* made it out to the show on opening night.  I worked with his spouse seven or eight years ago, and remembered when he was newly elected, so therefore felt the need to approach him and introduce myself.  He kindly, in a State Representative sort of way, asked me what I’m doing these days.  The conversation unfolded thusly:

Me:  oh, just acting my brains out… Him:  (hazily) wait – were you IN the show? Me: (laughing) yes – Him: (immediately) oh, yes – you were WONDERFUL as Sheila! Me: Uhhhhh… Editorial aside:  Uhhhhh = I am one of two women in the cast; Muriel, an incredible woman 20 years my senior, plays Sheila; I play every. single. other. woman (something like 17 characters) on stage.  At that point, Mr. State Representative looked around and was met by a mortified look from a teenage girl I assumed was his daughter. Me: (laughing) sounds like somebody got in a good nap during the show! Him: (silence followed by some incoherent apologetic stammering)

Wellstone Wonderbit #2: While we’ve had wee audiences since opening Wellstone!, they’ve been exceptionally engaged and appreciative - offering up standing ovations every single night.  Except for last Wednesday, which was canceled due to no audience.  I’m serious.  Okay, fine, we had one pre-sale and two walk-ups.  Still, canceled.  The plus side is that I get to chalk that up as a personal first – I don’t think I’ve ever had a performance canceled before.

Granted, Wednesday was the night that Sarah Palin took the podium at the RNC, and I’m almost positive that Twin Cities audiences were just as curious as I was to get any ounce of information I could about this moderately alarming enigma.  When a newbie with destructive views against women’s rights glides on to the scene with the potential to be President after a smudge of bad foie gras, you’d best pay attention. Wellstone Wonderbit #3: Remember when I was led to my performance of Mrs. Man of God in Ohio by Barack Obama?  Last week I passed John McCain’s miles-long motorcade on the freeway going the opposite direction.  How beautifully symbolic.  Thank you, universe.