A Very Small Arts Fund

I am a recent recipient of a grant from A Very Small Arts Fund, and wanted to spread the word about the organization, because, frankly, they're awesome.

About the Fund: A Very Small Arts Fund is a very small arts fund for very small arts organizations and individual performing artists that gives very small grants of $1 to $1,500. The Fund is open to artists and organizations that are performing and/or living in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

The Rules: 1. Be a very small arts organization or individual performing artist living and/or working in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Need between a buck and $1,500. 2. Don’t ask more than once a year (funds are limited). 3. Don’t ask for more than you absolutely need (funds are limited). 4. Be specific about what you want the funds for (that makes it more fun for us).

The application is online - it's very, very short and very, very easy. The best part is that the turnaround time was under a week. A week! Go get 'em, tigers!