Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Craig tagged me, and now I must comply:

1. I once sprained an ankle, smashed a shin bone, and ended up with four bruises in the shape of a giant square on my torso after tripping on a platform and landing on an old audio speaker during a tech-rehearsal black-out at The Theater Garage. They got out the glow-tape after that.

2. I performed in one show that was so abysmal that I don’t list it on my resume, despite being called out in the press review as being one of the few saving graces.

3. I love my current headshot because it was taken when I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been (a whopping 153), but you can’t tell because of the angle. The Monster of Phantom Lake was shot during the same time frame – after having a good cry upon seeing my double-chin and squishy body onscreen, I was inspired to start my return to normalcy (17 pounds down, 15 more to go).

4. Despite outward appearances, I am one of the least artistically confident people I know. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t question my talent/ability.

5. I have yet to settle on monologues I’m comfortable using at auditions. I’m barely half as comfortable singing, yet I have four songs I could happily whip out at any given moment.

BONUS: 6. When I discover songs that I love, I spend an embarrassing amount of time imagining what they would look like if I staged them in a musical.

Your turn! I’m especially interested in seeing this topic addressed by Rik and Bill (and Foster and Cooper, but they’re both traveling and therefore have more worldly things to write about these days - lucky ducks).