that's 'technician' for...

CTC called me last week to schedule a fitting; when I returned the call, the following conversation ensued:

ME: Hi, this is Leigha Horton from Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl returning your call.

COSTUMER: Whoa, you actually said the whole name of the thing.

ME: Yeah, um, well, uh… why, what do you call it?

COSTUMER: Oh, just “Marsupial,” (pause) or “The Pouch Play.”

The Pouch Play! I love all people behind the scenes for this very reason. It reminds me of a personal tour of the Old Globe’s set for How the Grinch Stole Christmas by my Lighting-Director-best-friend – there are a few scenes where you can see townspeople in windows and on the hills silhouetted in the distance, and up close it turns out they were plastic Simpsons and alien figurines. In plain view. Let's hear it for the folks that make theater magic!