Chasing Windmills

I hereby offer you your new daily internet addiction, Chasing Windmills. I’ll be joining this new season’s expanded shenanigans about mid-October…you’ll know when my character gets introduced because I’ll get added to the bulletin-board. In the interim, you can catch a 2.5-second teaser appearance in the six-minute Overture and soak up the joy that is the new cast in the new episodes – and since I’m at a bit of a loss as how to describe it at this point, I’ll give you Max Sparber’s take, slightly edited to make sense in this context, but mostly posted in its entirety because I’m lazy:

…a daily vlog detailing the fictional experiences of a real Puerto Rican couple living in Minneapolis. The show was created by Juan Antonio del Rosario and Cristina Cordova, who, at the end of the last season, fictionally ended their romance after a grueling fictional miscarriage. Most of the last season followed the couple bickering, goofing around, and pontificating in their downtown apartment…This season begins with a long "overture" that introduces the filmmakers' intentions and new characters for the season... The remainder of the cast is mostly drawn from the local blogging scene, including local actress and theater producer Leigha Horton, Girl Friday's Alexis McKinnis, Amber of An Amber-Colored Life, and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine associate editor Steve Marsh. So far I have very little idea about what this season is going to look like -- I have only seen the scripts that I have already shot, as they are written week-to-week. But this suits me, as I will be discovering the storylines and my character's developments as the season progresses, and I like that sense that there is something to be discovered.

What Max said. And one more thing to note – the video on their fancy homepage always seems to look all pixilated – you might want to just bookmark the archives and view the videos from there instead (it’s updated daily). Enjoy!