Off-Stage Drama

I have come to the saddened conclusion that sometime between our tech rehearsal and opening night last week, my beloved iPod was stolen.

What does this have to do with acting, you say? Well, everything. Not only has the device held countless hours of music, it has held years-old old phone messages that I couldn’t bear to part with, my very first forays into podcasting, and several hours of voice lessons that I recorded to practice with later (which I did on many, many occasions in preparation for auditions – I credit those lessons with helping me get the Children’s Theatre gig). On top of all that, it holds personal sentimental value. I’m so, SO bummed out that I don’t even know how to express it without sounding idiotic.


I have sent out e-mails and made phone calls to local friends and family, my 120+ colleagues at the day-job, the Children’s Theatre Company where we were rehearsing for our show, Intermedia Arts where I’m performing this Fringe, the Fringe Festival office, and every other place I can think of. I have torn my apartment apart top to bottom, I have combed my car. I even looked in my refrigerator. I wish I were kidding.

No leads. Not a single one.


This is just so frustrating, because I DO NOT misplace things. I just don’t. Okay, I did once in college – I had lost my car keys and after an hour called my dad, crying. After a stern reminder to slow down, I discovered them on the floor under a shirt. In my panic, I had moved the shirt several times but just not far enough to expose the keys. I have been much more cautious and deliberate with this search, a search that has lasted several days – to no avail.


The absolute last thing I can afford in this world right now is a new iPod – yet for my acting growth it proved itself an essential tool - therefore, I have to replace it. And therefore, I’m now awkwardly asking for your help. If I am able to raise enough funds to cover the iPod, I will start a podcast to repay you in my own funky audio way. Any excess funds raised will be donated to the Minnesota Fringe Festival.


Anything you can do to help is sincerely appreciated - secure donations can be made by clicking the PayPal donation button to the right. Many, many thanks for your consideration.