I was recently invited to answer seven quick questions for the 7QQ Interview Series by my favorite online time-killer for Twin Cities issues, MNspeak.

An honor, and a pleasure. And kind of embarrassing after all of my day-job colleagues found out about it.

Note: As is possibly far too obvious, I'm procrastinating memorizing my freaking lines for the next show right now. I ought to garner some sympathy with the level of difficulty, though; one of the scenes is a play on Abbott and Costello's Who's on First? called Who's on Iraq? (the premise: "Who's on Iraq, What's on Iran, I Don't Know's on North Korea" - if you don't find that as hilarious as I do, go take a listen to the original audio and then imagine the new consequences...it's comedy gold, people). Sadly, it's right up there with Havel's Vanek Trilogy or Gertrude Stein to memorize. Lots of talking in circles. Circles that I have to lead.

It burns. Buuuuuurns. (whimper)