The New Headshots Need YOU!

My new headshots are in, and I’m looking for your opinion! The photographer monkey and I did a shoot last Saturday evening, and we’ve whittled the choices down to these three. Ultimately, I would like to go with two headshots demonstrating different moods to match any given project for which I’m auditioning – the smiley one for the comedies and one of the two serious ones (this is where I need your help) for the dramas.

Right now there’s a bit of a tie amongst the family and friends who have seen them, so please take a look and tell me which of the serious girls you prefer. It’s like our own little reality show where you get to vote for something to leave, and all of the choices are me.

Also, I think the photographer monkey would appreciate the mention that the smiley photo is going to be re-shot due to the lighting being a bit off…he lightened it up as much as possible in Photoshop, but now it looks kind of weird.

Vote on, my friends.