Kickin' Back with Cooper: The Last Podcast

The fifth and final *sniff, sniff* Fringe Podcast is now available for download at either the Minnesota Fringe Festival website or at iTunes. It’s far less commercial-y than the last four – just me interviewing Leah Cooper about the final attendance numbers, the percentage increase over last year, the reason Fringe is such a success, and why the Fringe is such an asset to the arts community and the Twin Cities community at-large, among other questions. There are also tidbits here and there from interviews with staff, volunteers, performers, and audience members taken at Fringeville by my rockstar podcast co-hort, Rik Reppe. If you’re not going to take a listen - for shame! (except you, Minnesota parents, California-now-Oregon parents, and Grandma – I’ll make a CD for you), just know that these numbers impress me the most:

# page views on the Minnesota Fringe Festival website: 1.1 million Average number of page views per visit: 12 Number of tickets sold: 44,630 Number of artists involved: 1,053 Number of volunteers: 377 Number of venues: 29 Number of sold-out performances: 67