Had a meeting with Leah Cooper of the Minnesota Fringe Festival about various projects I’ve got my paws in right now. This will be the first year since 2000 that I will not be performing on stage at the Fringe, as my theater company, The Ministry of Cultural Warfare, is on a little hiatus. Whilst I understand the need for the exceptionally talented Matthew Foster to regain the desire to write again, I am still sad about not getting the opportunity to be publicly snarky and applauded for it. Foster’s words make me all sparkly.

No worries, though - I will be keeping busy with quite a few less sparkly but equally Fringey projects:

  1. Acting as a coordinator for the out-of-town artists. Making sure they have a place to stay, know their schedule, know where they’re going – essentially the same thing I do for the artists at the Walker (day job).
  2. Acting as producer for Fringeville’s late-night talk-show/entertainment catastrophe-waiting-to-happen (Intramural Staring Contest anyone?) Fringe-a-Go-Go. Must see what those Ferarri McSpeedy boys are up to, and see if they’d be willing to host.
  3. And most exciting of all – being the Voice-of-The-Fringe in its very first dive into the world of podcasting! I’ll be walking the streets (with the pimping Rik Reppe, of Staggering Toward America fame, on recording equipment) interviewing Fringe artists, audiences, sponsors, donors, directors, volunteers, and curious passers-by about many a thing. You’ll be able to download the results from and listen to them on any old MP3 player.