Yeah, You Probably Spelled it Wrong

Welcome!  If you’re looking for the stage, screen, and voice-over actress based in Minneapolis, you’ve reached the right place.  A note, though - my name is not spelled any of the ways listed below.  But I’m still glad you found me, even by searching that way. Thing is, people who look me up on the internet often don’t know that my name has a relatively unique spelling, and therefore get lost in a sea of useless Google search results.  That said, I figured I’d offer up all sorts of alternatives below, in an attempt to help you at least get a search result that would ultimately lead you here.

And so, hello!  I’m Leigha Horton.  And, while we’re at it, it’s pronounced “LEE-ah,” not “LAY-uh.”  I know, picky, picky.


Leah Horton

Lea Horton

Leia Horton

Lia Horton

Leeyah Horton

Leeah Horton

Leeia Horton

Leigha Horten

Leah Horten

Lea Horten

Leia Horten

Lia Horten

Leeyah Horten

Leeah Horten

Leeia Horten